Epiphyllum and Other Epiphytic plants


Epiphyllum hybrids/species plants are available at varying prices up to $30.00 for some of the latest new hybrids.
* This section will continue to be updated with available varieties, throughout summer/autumn 2017
* Please keep checking back regularly as stocks will be replenished where possible.
* Heritage - older varieties that have proved to be good growers, bloomers and are free of virus.
* Plants are highly sought after and go out of stock quickly so please order promptly, these will be  shipped from early/mid January.
Photos of these varieties are under the main alphabetical section
Product Info Price
Oxypetalum (species) 1 year old plants $25.00
Disocactus Biformis (species) Flowering size $15.00
Darahii (species) Flowering size $20.00
Disocactus Macranthus (Species) Flowering size $15.00
Cooperi (species) Flowering size $20.00
Spring Sashay Flowering size $25.00