North Island orders close May 1st 2017

South Island orders close March 31st 2017

We endeavour to be as accurate as possible with colour descriptions, colours may vary slightly due to your particular growing environment ie; temperature, growing medium, time of year (off season bloomers).

Flower colours on very young plants may show paler tonings. This is particularly of note in flowers with yellow and pink. Once the plant has matured ie 3 seasons,  full colour saturation and flower size will settle in. Double flowers may also flower as single in the first season.

*Epiphyllums will be available as calloused cuttings, we are now stocking plants of certain varieties, more will become available as stocks increase.

These are listed under  PLANTS, keep checking back from time to time as more stock is updated.

*Cutting sizes are a minimum of 20cm, usually larger.Large branch cuttings strike quickly and will give you a strong balanced plant that will flower well.

*Some of the smaller flower varieties and compact plants have shorter branched growth. In this instance a good sized cutting, sometimes two, will be given to enable a good strong healthy plant.

*Your order is confirmed by e-mail or telephone and a suitable shipping time will be organised.

*We make every effort to ensure that the plants will travel in the safest manner and that they arrive to you in top condition.




*We take great pride in our plants and select strong healthy specimens to send to you. If your plant dies quickly (within 3 weeks) after you’ve received it, please email us a photo of the stricken plant and we will send you a replacement at no charge. To qualify, the plant/cutting must have been kept in conditions relevant to its care for the duration.