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OUT OF STOCK $12.00 VANILLA DREAMS N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Lovely small to medium flowers, slight ruffling, wide petals in very soft cream with a soft glowing lemon centre. Bright lemon yellow buds. Profuse bloomer, very compact plant for container or basket. Late spring to summer blooming.

$12.00 VICTORIAN VEIL NZ South Pacific Epiphyllums Heavily ruffled and fluted pure white medium sized double flowers, petals are 1 and 1/2 inch wide. Each flower can remain open for 8 days. Easily maintained container or basket plant.

$12.00 VISUAL INTRIGUE N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Stunning medium sized flowers in a multitude of colours, deep red, gold, purple, cerise, light pink, petal edges edged in white. Compact basket plant, mid spring to early summer flowering.

$12.00 WHISPERS OF SPRING N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Small to medium sized flowers in soft shell pink, creamy centre, with longer winged outer petals which have a darker rose midstripe, profuse mid spring to early summer blooming.

OUT OF STOCK $10.00 WAIKANAE SUNSHINE N.Z. R&J Griffiths Pretty large blooms in shades of creams and light yellow, wide ruffled petals, each petal narrowly banded in lemon yellow. Tall upright growth, not suitable for basket,best in container with support

OUT OF STOCK $15.00 UP IN FLAMES N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Striking large wheel shaped flowers in mango orange with cerise petal edges and highlights, compact plant for basket or container Flowers mid Spring into early summer