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OUT OF STOCK RASPBERRY MASQUERADE N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums flowers in deepest ruby red with vibrant raspberry purple petal edges. Scarlet stamens and pistil. Glossy deep green wavy foliage on a compact basket plant. Many flowers from late spring into summer.

OUT OF STOCK RASPBERRY SWIRL N.Z. Grant Bayley Beautiful large double flowers in deep irridescent raspberry with bright orange midstripe. Very strong relatively compact plant for basket, profuse bloomer, will sometimes bloom in winter in optimum conditions.

OUT OF STOCK $15.00 RED RIOT N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Large rounded very bright saturated deep cherry red flowers,hint of violet in the throat. Wide petals. Lots of flowers on an upright container plant. Impossible colour to photograph exactly much deeper red than photo shows. Gorgeous colour. Flowers mid spring into summer.

$10.00 SHEER RADIANCE N.Z. Grant Bayley Fragrant Plants available in plant section Stunning large ruffled flowers in varying shades of amethyst, cerise, raspberry reds and white on a compact upright plant for container. Blooms mid/late spring into summer.

$10.00 SPACE ROCKET *Heritage Lovely older hybrid with large/extra large flowers in bright raspberry and white stripes. Easy growing upright container plant, flowers early summer.

OUT OF STOCK SPIRIT OF SPRING N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Ruffled small to medium flowers in delicious colourings of rose, apricot and peach, blooms early spring to late spring, very compact plant for basket or container.

$15.00 SPRING SASHAY N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Creamy lemon rosebud buds open to medium sized white flowers with very wide crimped ruffled petals, lots of very long lasting flowers on an upright compact container plant.

Display photo- SPRING SASHAY

$15.00 SUNLIT SILK N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Beautiful soft yellow double medium sized flowers, ruffled wide petals, compact upright plant for container. Blooms late spring right into summer.

OUT OF STOCK $15.00 SUNNY HONEY N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Beautiful saturated sunny bright yellow medium sized double ruffled flowers with a soft red glow in the throat.Lots of flowers, cascading from a compact basket plant, mid spring into summer and will rebloom throughout the year in optimum conditions.

SUNSHINE IN SPRING N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Plants only available- all prices for plants listed under plants section Beautiful large flowers in tones of white, cream, lemon, sunny yellow and gold. Petals are slightly fringed and ruffled. Many flowers on a compact easily maintained container plant. Flowers late spring to early summer.

$10.00 TWILIGHT DANCER N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Beautiful medium sized flowers with pointed petals, in tones of rose with a golden midstripe, smother a compact plant, suitable for container or basket, very eye-catching. Flowers darken slightly as they age. Flowers mid spring into summer.