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$12.00 LET'S DANCE N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Beautiful small double flowers in shades of bright and soft rosy coral, very round petals, prolific bloomer from late winter into late spring, attractive sturdy foliage on a very compact plant for container or basket.

$15.00 LINGERING KISS N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Beautiful medium sized ruffled double blooms, deep royal purples, scarlet, light pink and white, flowers deepen in colour day by day. Outer rows of petals very ribbony and curly. Deepest purple kissing bud that takes a long time to open fully, very attractive. Very heavy bloomer, early spring into summer, sometimes will send out blooms mid winter. Easily maintained container or basket plant.

$12.00 LOVE SHACK N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums An absolute favourite here! Rose bud shaped buds open to gorgeous small soft apricot double flowers,these deepen in colour to peach orange over several days, prolific bloomer, early spring to early summer. See next photo!

Display photo- LOVE SHACK

$15.00 MAGICAL MANGO N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Medium lightly ruffled flowers in luscious bright mango with a red throat. Very compact plant for container is smothered in blooms. Bright scarlet foliage in Autumn winter.

OUT OF STOCK $15.00 MAGIC ROSETTE N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Stunning medium sized flowers open very light rose pink with large creamy white centre, over several days darkens to deep rose amethyst pink. Very ruffled, crimped and fluted 1 inch wide petals. Profuse blooming early spring to early summer. Easily maintained container or basket plant.

Display Photo- MAGIC ROSETTE

$10.00 MARY K -Heritage Popular older hybrid.Very pretty extra small flowers in shiny shell pink and white. Flowers all year round for us with a larger flush of flowers in spring and mid winter, Compact basket plant,excellent grower and profuse bloomer.

$12.00 MOMENTS TO TREASURE N.Z. Grant Bayley Soft Morning fragrance Plants available in plants section. Beautiful large ruffled flowers in shimmery amethyst, golden peach and raspberry shades. Many flowers on a compact upright plant for container. Flowers late spring into summer.

$15.00 MATARIKI N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums This one is so named as it begins flowering at the start of the Maori New year. Pretty medium sized double flowers in apricot,coral and golden orange with lolli pink in the throat. Mature plants will flower throughout winter in warmer climates and again late spring early summer. Strong compact upright plant for container.

$10.00 KATHLEEN - Heritage Old hybrid with beautiful large blooms in saturated orange with red and violet throat. Wide petals. Grows large and needs support with bright light to flower well.