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$15.00 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Beautiful medium sized creamy yellow ruffled blooms, golden yellow in the throat. Prolific bloomer, blooms late winter into late spring and can rebloom in summer. Very compact plant for container or basket.

$15.00 GOLDEN TIARA N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Beautiful medium sized double ruffled flowers in soft creamy yellows with bright sunny yellow outer petals. Long lasting flowers, compact plant for basket or container Flowers late spring into summer.

$15.00 HERITAGE ROSE N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Rose bud shaped buds opening into beautiful medium sized flowers in saturated light rose deepening over several days to an almost glowing deep lavender rose. Lots of flowers early spring into early summer, compact basket or container plant.

OUT OF STOCK $15.00 JEWEL OF HAPPINESS N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Resembles a small daffodil. Very pretty small flowers, wide petals in softest lemon with golden outer petals. Unique quality of diamond dusted petals, lovely soft tropical fragrance. Compact, strong basket plant, flowers autumn, winter and again in summer.

$10.00 I'M HERE N.Z. Grant Bayley Tropical fragrance early morning-Lovely vibrant medium sized flowers in bright glowing scarlet with a magenta eye. Flowers early spring and again mid summer. Vigorous upright plant for container.

$10.00 INDIAN WARRIOR-Heritage Lovely older variety, extra large wheel shaped flowers in shades of deep magenta, reds with golden peach midstripe. Pretty wavy foliage, strong plant for basket, late spring early summer blooming.