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$10.00 *** DARAHII *** SPECIES Flowering size Plants available in plant section $20.00 Often confused with anguliger, this species has much more deeply lobed foliage, is much easier to grow, more freely flowering, and very compact. Lovely small flowering species, flowers in summer through to Autumn. Wheel shaped creamy white flowers with yellow pointed outer petals. Flowers are very fragrant in the evening. Foliage is bright forest green and softly lobed. Compact plant for basket or container.

$15.00 *** DISOCACTUS MACRANTHUS *** species, Rooted cuttings/young plants only available. Lovely small wheel shaped fragrant flowers, shades of cream and soft yellow,flowers in autumn through to winter, compact basket plant. Prefers bright light and protection from heat over summer, keep moist.

$12.00 EASTER BUNNY - Heritage Beautiful older variety with extra large pure white double ruffled flowers,golden yellow outer petals, compact plant for container or basket

OUT OF STOCK $15.00 ELFIN MYST N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Very soft morning fragrance. A profusion of small white flowers with very pointed petals smother a compact plant for basket or container. Attractive rosy tan pointed buds. Blooms continually late winter to late spring and small flushes of flowers again in summer in optimum conditions.

$15.00 FLAMENCO QUEEN N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Stunning medium sized ruffled flowers in shades of apricot, peach, golden orange, hot lolly pink, cerise, very wide crimped and ruffled petals, very compact upright plant for container. Flowers mid to late spring.

$10.00 FLASH OF PASSION N.Z. Grant Bayley Lovely very bright small flowers in shades of scarlet, ruby with cerise petal edges. Colours much more intense than camera can capture. Profuse bloomer late winter into early summer, upright easily maintained container plant.


OUT OF STOCK $15.00 ELVEN PRINCESS N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Perfect coffee table plant. Pristine white small double flowers with lacy edges, blush pink on the rose type buds. Profuse bloomer, late spring into summer, very compact upright container plant.

$10.00 EMBER GLOW N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Lovely double medium softly ruffled flowers in oranges and reds, violet in the throat. Compact plant for basket or container- Mid Spring-Early Summer