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ARROWTOWN GOLD N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums $25.00 -Flowering sized plants available this season,no cuttings. Lovely medium sized slightly ruffled flowers in vibrant mango orange gold. Flowers mid spring into summer. Easily maintained container plant

$10.00 BEN'S LAURA-Heritage Very popular old hybrid, pristine white double medium to large flowers with soft lemon outer petals, petal edges have some fringing. Compact upright plant for container, flowers mid spring into summer.

$15.00 / plant BIFORMIS SPECIES Self fertile, edible small scarlet fruit. Tiny narrow, bright magenta flowers smother an upright plant for container through mid spring into summer. Narrow foliage. Prefers a warm spot summer and winter, bright light. Keep well watered.

OUT OF STOCK $12.00 BALLET ANGEL NZ South Pacific Epiphyllums Very pretty bright rosy purple shiny small flowers, golden apricot midstripe with a red-cerise throat smother a compact basket plant from early to mid spring. Prefers cooler, shady conditions

OUT OF STOCK BRIGHT SPARK N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Profuse bloomer from mid winter in warmer climates through into early summer. Striking small flowers in shades of shiny bright orange and gold with magenta petal edges, glowing creamy white from throat into centre of petals. Compact plant for container or basket. Prefers cooler,shady conditions

OUT OF STOCK CABRILLO- Heritage Striking older variety extra large bright fuchsia and lavender flower with a golden orange midstripe. Back petals long and ribbony. Prolific bloomer. Strong growing basket plant.

OUT OF STOCK $15.00 CANDY CRUSH N.Z. Very pretty small flowers in very bright neon rose, golden pink centre midstripe, with a bright cream throat. Compact basket plant, profuse blooming late winter into mid spring. Prefers a cooler spot with bright light

OUT OF STOCK CREATIVE EDGE N.Z. Very pretty Medium sized double flowers, all petals are shiny, crimped and fringed in shades of lilac, lavender, pink, golden peach, red, inner petals edged in white. Easily maintained container or basket plant, blooms late spring into summer.

$10.00 CRYSTAL GAZER N.Z. Very eye-catching, Beautiful medium sized flowers with narrow pointed petals that open in softest pink shades with golden midstripe,rose centre, centre darkens as flowers age to very deep rose.Stamens light rose. Prolific bloomer from mid to late spring and into summer,compact basket plant.

$12.00 CRIMSON GLAZE N.Z. South Pacific Epiphyllums Brightest neon crimson and cerise purple shiny small flowers, golden pink midstripe, smother a compact plant from early spring into summer. Easily maintained very compact basket or container plant.