NEW HYBRID 2015/2016

We are a small family mailorder nursery specialising in growing epiphyllum hybrids (the beautiful orchid cacti)and are situated 35mins drive south of Auckland City nestled at the base of Pukekohe Hill where we experience a subtropical to temperate climate with abundant rain and sunshine and the odd frost in winter.



We take great pride in our plants, the emphasis is on top quality plant material. Our plants are accurately named and are disease and virus free.


We  have an extensive hybridising programme underway and many of these new hybrids are now becoming available. The market for epiphyllum hybrids in New Zealand has been leaning for some time towards smaller more compact plants with many flowers and an extended bloom season, we are continually getting requests for these plants. From continuing feedback we have with other overseas growers this trend seems to be continuing into other countries as well.  We are continuing to work towards this goal.